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The Russian Ties are Real (sort of)!
A Parody Account is the first to definitively prove Russian Ties
are real!

 ’Merica!  (July 17, 2017) – The man behind one of the most popular presidential parody Twitter accounts just launched a line of products called Russian Ties™. The novelty neck ties (including extra long and bow ties) were inspired by and designed to resemble exclamation points — and are meant to be a humorous conversation piece, a commemorative collector’s item and perhaps become one of the most popular gift items for the upcoming holiday season — or in the history of mankind. They can be tied (in most cases) to mid-zipper length and the backs are ScotchTM tape ready. The ties are now available for purchase at Order today and receive one ounce of 100% genuine inspector-grade covfefe for free!  

 The anonymous creator, who goes by Barry, is dedicated to bringing more empathy, kindness and humor back into the world, and has seen his account grow to more than 124,000 followers in just a few months. Barry said the term “Russian ties” was being bandied about in the media, so he created a humorous, tongue-in-cheek product that proves that Russian Ties™ are 100 percent real.

 It was never my intention to create amazing, life-changing gifts when I started my account,” said Barry. “This is for those wishing and praying that Russian ties are real — because now they are. Or for those who think this is the only proof of Russian ties we’ll ever have. It’s for anyone who wants to share a laugh, start a conversation and bring more kindness into the world. It’s a bipartisan tie. Everybody else seems to have Russian ties, now you can too!”

 Barry is dedicated to seeking out, rewarding and proliferating kindness in an increasingly tumultuous world (more on that later), suggests buying one to wear, one as a gag gift and one you can send to your Congressman, favorite news anchor or talk show host — or straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

 “I promise that if I sell more than 51,000 ties, I won’t buy a $51,000 floral coat unless it goes on sale — and I won’t become a paid lobbyist for Turkey,” Barry said. “I’ll be too focused on making a yuge difference in the world.”


About the Creator
Barry is behind the alternative parody account of how a mature, more presidential president should tweet. The account has been featured in HuffPo, Mashable, USA Today, Time, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Washington Post, BBC and has been described as “the most powerful and among the most elegant uses of social media for justice that I’ve ever seen.” His followers include comedians, actors, politicians, rock stars, mega-best-selling authors and billionaires, but mostly just everyday people like Barry who care about and want to create a better future.